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At JT’s Lawn Care it is our Mission to make sure your  outdoor landscape is in the best condition it can possibly be. We provide services such as installing Mulch, rock, redesigning flower beds all around landscaping services in, J-TOWN, Middle Town, st. Matthews, and Fern creek, we recommend ground cover installations take place at least once a year for Mulch and Rock, to make sure your property or business maintains a healthy and pristine look. Typically new ground cover is laid once in the spring, April-May, and optionally again in (September-October.)


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The Benefits of Mulch and Rock

Besides the Great look, and texture mulch and rock provide in landscape beds with your plants, did you know ground cover adds tremendous value to your soil and plants?

  • Both rock and mulch help prevent your soil from eroding.
  •  Rock and Mulch act as a barrier from weeds.
  •  Ground cover helps your soil maintain moisture, and assist your plants roots in staying healthy.
  •  Having ground cover installed also helps your landscape maintain a sharp and stylish look.
  •  Mulch or Rock insulation can help trap the heat in the winter, and help keep the plants cool in the summer.


Laying Your Ground Cover

The thickness of your mulch installed on your property ranges between 2″-3″inches  While rock is installed at 2″ inches. On every mulch or rock installation quote you receive from us in tales us cleaning all flower beds of weeds and debris, then we install tarp as an extra layer of defense against the weeds. as we lay the mulch we are very careful to not crowd the bases of your plants to avoid to much moisture retaining.