At JT's Lawn and Landscaping  we offer Shrub Trimming and Landscaping  in J-Town, Middletown, Prospect, St Matthews, Fern creek and any other surrounding areas of Louisville, KY.

Trimming and pruning


Shrubs and Plants

When you let you shrubs, bushes, small trees go unchecked, it does not just hurt the look of your landscape but is very healthy for the plants. At JT’s Lawn Care we trim each individual bush, shrub, or small to tree to the appropriate height, shape for each specific plant. 

We provide these services in and around J-Town, Middle Town, St. Matthews, and Fern Creek area. 


Trimming your Landscape 

Trimming is cutting the overgrowth of branches and shaping up the plant, and is crucial to keep the correct height, shape , size the shrubs, hedges or small trees in your landscape. 

When we Trim we use nothing but, professional loppers and trimmers to do the job.


How we prune your plants?

Pruning is a necessity for your plants health. We use our professional shears cut out any dead or dying limbs from your plant. It is very important that pruning take place at the correct time of year for specific plants. 

  • non-blooming shrubs and trees are pruned during the winter.
  • Summer blooming trees and shrubs are pruned during the winter as well.
  • Spring blooming plants, are pruned after they bloom.

How Trimming benefits your plants, shrubs and hedges.

  • Limits the chances of insect infestation.
  • Increases curb appeal of your landscape 
  • Allows for thicker growth.
  • solves the problem for overgrowth and controls the size of your plants.